October 1, 2008


3 Responses to “flautist”

  1. votepalin Says:

    I’m a flutist and she still doesn’t have my vote.

    The real surprise is how Sarah went out on a limb and stated her preference for Galway over Rampal. I wonder if this will become a “gotcha” question among flutists this election year? I can imagine McCain blinking and grimacing when he watches this video. He might be forced to sit in with Sarah the next time she plays lest the Jethro Tull references come out.

    And being an American and calling yourself a “flautist” is a little, well, elitist.

  2. Dharmashanti Says:

    She started out well, then it became a strange mixture of karaoke for flautists and a battle of the bands. That was when my brain exploded all over my computer screen.

    Also, could she wear any more makeup? No wonder her first child was born only 8 months after they got married. I’ve scene clowns with less makeup.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Dude. That’s not fair. I only judge her by the issues.

    Like cup size.

    Larger than Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but methinsk smaller than Giuliani.

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