September 19, 2008

So I cooled the LOLattack of Sarah Palin. Why? Democratic strategists and the like recommended that it might not be a good idea to make our favorite governor look like a victim. There are unbelievable issues with the Republican ticket right now and I didn’t want to be aiding their pursuit for the White House in any way.

But it looks like the continued assault has only exposed the ridiculousness of the situation for what it truly is. I see your submissions.

We will now return to our regularly scheduling LOLing.


3 Responses to “bakk”

  1. Bob Says:


  2. Shawn Says:

    Somebody asked me if I would cancel this project. You know what I said?

    I wouldn’t. I’m not going to stand in the way of progress that our congressional delegation — in the position of strength that they have right now — they’re making those efforts for the state of Alaska to build up our infrastructure. I would not get in the way of progress.

    Wait, what?

  3. Matthew Says:

    Thank you! You know how much I love your postings!

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