“What is it exactly that the VP does everyday?”

August 30, 2008

From Kudlow and Company. It gets really good at around 2:50. And look at that chair! LOL!


3 Responses to ““What is it exactly that the VP does everyday?””

  1. thearmchairflaneur Says:

    I love this video!

  2. Michael Says:

    I don’t see what’s funny… she asks a good question.

    The VP doesn’t really seem to do anything. He’s the presiding officer of the Senate, and the adviser to the President, ready to take his place upon death?

  3. Shawn Says:

    It’s a good question for a layman. One that doesn’t know much of anything. Someone in the running for that position JUST MIGHT have to know a little bit more.

    The VP position is incredibly important, not just because of the line of succession. I don’t think there’s any way of arguing otherwise.

    “That presiding over the Senate thing? Ceremonial head of state and chief diplomat? Oh, yeah. Those? Nah. Piece o’ cake.”

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